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Three National Social Science Foundation Post-grant and Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Publication Projects Approved
发表时间:2017-11-10 阅读次数:3742次

Recently, the list of projects for the National Social Science Foundation of China for the year 2021 and the publication of excellent doctoral dissertations was officially announced, three projects were approved, including one key project, one general project, and one excellent doctoral dissertation publication project. Prof. Zhang Wanhong's "Justice for Disability: Framework, Issues and Practice" was awarded the key project, Associate Prof. Yang Wei's "Research on the Interpretation and Legislative Review of the Rule of Security Period" was awarded the general project, and Cai Ying's "The research on the risk of victim's self-injury: the proof, development and application of the consent theory of behavior" was awarded the outstanding doctoral dissertation publication project.

Wuhan University has been approved 21 projects, ranking 2nd in the national universities, and the number of projects is a record high in the past years. Among them, 2 are key projects, 16 are general projects and 3 are excellent doctoral thesis publication projects. The approved projects include 4 in philosophy, 3 in law, 2 in archaeology, 2 in sociology, 2 in library intelligence and literature, 2 in Chinese history, 1 in theoretical economics, 1 in journalism and communication, 1 in art and 1 in linguistics.

The National Social Science Foundation of China (NSSF) post-grant projects and excellent doctoral dissertation publication projects aim to encourage the majority of philosophical and social science workers to carry forward the academic style, dedicate themselves to their studies, conduct solid research, cultivate a number of outstanding young scholars, and give full play to the NSSF's role of demonstration and guidance in the prosperous development of philosophy and social science.


Edited by Wang Yuting & Wu Liuqing