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Notice on the Selection of Full-time Students to Taipei University in 2020 Spring
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According to the exchange agreement between our university and Taipei University, full-time students are recommended to study in Taipei University in the 2020 spring term. The relevant information is hereby notified as follows:

1. Conditions of the applicant: the applicants are Chinese full-time undergraduates in grade 2 or 3 when go out for exchange; or full-time postgraduates in grade1 or 2; Party members are preferred, high political quality, virtues and talents are required, good health and clear learning purpose.
2. Application materials: one original of Chinese transcript (issued by the college), one original of Chinese Certificate of full-time student (issued by the undergraduate or graduate college).

3. Quota: 1.

4. Performance requirements: GPA should not be under 3.0.

5. Time: one semester (February to June 2020).

6. Expenses: The tuition will be free during the exchange in Taipei University,and students need to pay for their own overseas living expenses, accommodation expenses, health insurance, etc. At the same time, the students must pay the tuition of Wuhan University and check out from dormitory. The accommodation fee will not be returned without the check out procedures.

7. During the exchange, the students should take the same (similar) courses in the exchange school as required by the training program of the major; credit exchange should be carried out in accordance with the measures for the management of course recognition and credit score conversion of exchange students of Wuhan University (Trial)

8. For details, please visit the website of the school:

9. process of application: Log into and click the inter school exchange project of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan management system to register. Complete and submit before September 30, 2019. Print the application form of Wuhan University ordinary undergraduate/graduate students' overseas exchange and study and hand it to Ms.Wu in office 218 of law school together with the other application materials.

No acceptance after the deadline.

Consultation email: (Mr.Guo)

Tel: 87228331

International Exchange Department

September 26, 2019