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Theory of Law
Xu Yawen
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Basic Information
Male, born in 1966.03, Tiantai, Zhejiang province. He worked as an office secretary of school since graduated from Hubei Normal College in 1988. Two years later, he started his master life of Jurisprudence in Wuhan University Law School, and he worked as a teacher here after graduation in 1993. In 1999, he was conferred doctor degree of Constitution and Administrative Law in Wuhan University. During his time in Wuhan University, he was promoted to associate professor in 2000 and professor in 2005. Meanwhile, he was appointed to be postgraduate supervisor in 2001 and doctoral supervisor in 2006. He went to Canada to be a visiting scholar at University of British Columbia during 2002 -2003 and at Harvard-Yenching Institute during 2008-2009.In addition, he had participated and hosted several programs and projects, such as the Projects Supported by the National Social Science Foundation: Study on the Implement Issues of Ruling of Law Basic Principle, the Political Civilization and Country Ruled of Law, Study on the Organic Unity of Leadership of the Party People’s Sovereignty and Rule of Law, Projects Sponsored by the Scientific Research Foundation for the Returned Overseas Chinese Scholars, State Education Ministry: Research on Due Process, Theory and Practice of Database of Exercises of the National Judicial Text supported by the Ministry of Justice, Wuhan City Tourism Code, revised by the legislative affairs office of Wuhan Government, Settlement Mechanism for Cross-Cultural Dispute, subjects of Harvard University Harvard-Yenching Institute.

Education background
Bachelor of Law, 1984-1988, Hubei Normal College;
Master of Law, 1990-1993, Wuhan University Law School;
Doctor of Law, 1996-1999, Wuhan University Law School.

Research Areas
Jurisprudence, Western Jurisprudence, Comparative Jurisprudence

Concurrent Academic
Director of Jurisprudence Association of China Law Society,
Director of Hubei Society of Legal Theory
Researcher of Wuhan University National Research Center for Constitutionalism and Rule of Law
Member of Association of Asian Study

Representative Papers
1. Globalization and Postcolonial Discourse of Law. Global Harmonya and the Rule of Law. Beijing: IVR 24th World Congress. 2009;
2. On the Relationship between Negotiation and the Form of Socialist Democracy. Wuhan University Journal. 2007(04);
3. Interpretation on Human-based Theory in Jurisprudential Perspective. Chinese Legal Journal. 2004(04).

Representative Publications
1. A New Study of Western Idea of Law. Wuhan University Press. 2010
2. A Theory of Procedural Justice. Shandong People Publishing House. 2004
3. Study on the Implement Issues of Ruling of Law Basic Principle. Wuhan University Press. 2002

1. Revolution and Future of Chinese Legal Education won the first prize of National Teaching Achievement Award of the Ministry of Education and the Outstanding Award of Hubei Province Teaching Achievement Award of Higher Education Institution in 2001.
2. Rule of Law-- Study on Ruling-by-law Thoughts of Deng Xiaoping won the third prize of Hubei Province Achievement Award of Social Sciences in 2001.
3. Study on the Implement Issues of Ruling of Law Basic Principle won the first prize of Hubei Province Government Achievement Award of Social Sciences in 2004.
4. Interpretation on Human-based Theory in Jurisprudential Perspective won the third prize of Hubei Province Achievement Award of Social Sciences in 2006.