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Theory of Law
Wang Xigen
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Basic Information
Male,second grade professors, doctoral supervisor; The vice president of the China Jurisprudence   Research Association, United Nations development rights senior consultant expert. “National Education Revitalization Action Plan” key funding-sponsored individuals, “The National Hundred Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award” winner. Be selected into “National New Century Excellent Talents Supporting Plan”, National Top Ten Outstanding Young Jurists, Wuhan University Top Ten Outstanding Youth, Wuhan University Top Ten Teacher’s Ethics Model, and Wuhan University Star Teacher. Hosted a major project of Ministry of Education named “the right to development and the development of the rule of law in China” (2003-2009), major research projects of the top ten law subject concerned on “Judicial Reform Research” (2009-2011) and other topics like this, the total number of the subjects are nearly 20. Published more than 100 articles in the journals like Chinese Journal of Law, published nearly 20 books.

Education Background
Bachelor, 1983—1987, Hubei Normal University;
Master, 1996—1998, Wuhan University Law School;
Ph.D., 1998 –2001, Wuhan University Law School;
Post-doctor, 2002—2004, Renmin University Law School;
Senor visiting scholar, 2007—2008, Columbia University, Havard University Law School;
Visiting Professor, 2009—2010, Taiwan’s Academia Sinica Institute of Law.

Research Areas
Jurisprudence, Human Rights Law, Judicial Reform and the Rule of Law Theory

Concurrent Academic
Vice president of the China Jurisprudence Research Association;
UN development rights senior consultant expert;
President of the Hubei Province Jurisprudence Research Association.

Representative Papers
1. The Discussion on Harmonious Justice. Xinhua Digest. 2007 (05);  
2. On the Rule of Public Law. China Legal Science. 2003 (04).
3. New Ideas on Development Rights of Global Mechanism of the Rule of Law. Xinhua Digest. 2009 (03).

Representative Publications
1. Basic Human Rights in Society Rule of Law. Chinese People’s Public Security University Press. 2003.  
2. The Study on Development Rights of Global Mechanism of the Rule of Law. China Social Sciences Press. 2008;  
3. Judicial Power Theory. Wuhan University Press. 2006.

First Prize for National Excellent Teaching Achievement Award, 2001;  
National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation, 2003;  
China New Century Excellent Talents in University of the Ministry of Education, 2004  
National Excellent Courses (host), 2005;
First Prize for Hubei Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award, 2005;
Top Ten Outstanding Youth of Wuhan University, 2004;  
Wuhan University Top Ten Teacher’s Ethics Model, 2005  
Wuhan University Star Teacher, 2009