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Legal History
Fu Chunyang
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Basic Information

Female, born in 1969. As a dealer at Wuhan Securities Company from September 1991 to October 1992; as an investment counselor at Emperor Financial Services Group Wuhan Office from September 1993 to November 1994; as a Project Manager at Wuhan Wuxin Industries Limited from 1999 to November 1999; as a legal manager at Wuhan Taihe Real Estate Development Co., Ltd from December 1999 to October 2001; she has taught at Wuhan University Law School since July 2006.

Education Background

Bachelor, 1987-1991, Nankai University;

Master, 2001-2003, Wuhan University Law School;

Doctor, 2003-2006, Wuhan University Law School.

Visiting scholar, 2009-2010,North Carolina State University

Research Areas

Constitution Culture, history of the judicial lawsuit system

Concurrent Academic

Director of Legal Culture Institute of Hubei

Representative Papers

1. Confirmed Right of the Judicial Practice: An Analysis from Example of Adjacent Rights of Qing Dynasty. Social Scientists. 2008.

2. Between Ideal and Reality: From the Questionnaire Survey to Explore the Problem of Education of Juris Master. Academic Degrees and Graduate Education. 2008.

3. Harmonious and Rule of Law: Viewpoint of Tradition and Modern. Seeker. 2007.

4. Light of body and heavy of life: A Perspective of traditional judicial culture, academic forum, 2011.

Representative Publications

A Study on the Regime of Republican Period. Legal Press China. 2007(2).

Relief of Rights: a study of civil procedure in Qing Dynasty, Wuhan University Press, January 2012

Industrial and commercial disputes and judges in the Qing Dynasty: from the perspective of Baxian archives, Wuhan University Press, September 2016


Reform and Application of China Legal History Subject System won the second prize of Teaching Achievement Award of Wuhan University, 2008.