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Constitutional Law and Administrative Law
Jiang Guohua
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Guohua Jiang, born in Chaling of Hunan Province who is a law Ph.D. , and now a professor and Ph.D. Supervisor at Wuhan University Law School. Professor Jiang was awarded Distinguished Young Scholars Award by Wuhan University. He serves as Chief Expert in Collaborative Innovation Center of Judicial Civilization and as Managing Director of several professional associations, including Constitutional Law Studies Section of China Law Society, Legislative Studies Section of China Law Society, Dong Biwu's Law Thought Research Institute of China Law Society, also as Director of Administrative Law Studies Section of China Law Society, and so on.


Professor Jiang has published 9 monographs such as Chinese Supervision Law (China University of Political Science and Law Press, 2018), Introduction to Constitutional Philosophy (The Commercial Press, 2007), Common Sense and Rationality: A Judicial Philosophy Towards Praxis(SDX Joint Publishing Company, 2017), Chinese Judicial Science (Wuhan University Press, 2016), Constitution and Civic Education: The Civic Education and the Future of Chinese Constitutionalism (Wuhan University Press, 2010), Legislation: Ideal and Revolution (Shandong Peoples Press, 2007), Deliberative & Its Values in China (Macau Publications Association, 2010). Besides, he also edited and published more than 30 books, ranging over “Misjudged Cases Tracking”(7 volumes), “Major Anti-corruption Cases Tracking”(4 volumes), “Review of Constitutionality in China”(4 volumes), “Review of the Constitutional Thought of Modern Chinese Characters” (4 volumes) and so on. Some other representation from Jiang’s over 100 academic articles include Administrative Transformation and the Change of the Response of Administrative Jurisprudence by Chinese Social Science (2016 no.11), Study on the Hierarchy of Judicial Law by China Legal Science (2016 no.1), The Value of Justice in the Transformation of China by Chinese Journal of Law (2014 no.1), Study on Substantial Constitutionality by China Legal Science (2013 no.4), The Study Paradigm and Dimension of Chinese Constitutional Jurisprudence by China Legal Science (2011 no.1), Study on the Value of Sovereignty by CASS Journal of Political Science(2004 no.2), and Hundred Year's Celiberation of the Constitutional practice in the Late Qing Dynasty by The Journal of Historical Constitutional (2009 no.11).


About research projects, Professor Jiang have engaged in Research on Judicial System with Chinese Characteristics from Major Project of National Social Science Foundation in China (09&ZD062) and Research on the Effect Evaluation System of Legal System Implementation from Key Issues of Major Projects of the Ministry of Education in China (16JZD011) as Chief Expert. Additionally, all eight projects from National Social Science Foundation in China or at provincial and ministerial level, also include Research on the Case System of Chinese Characteristics and the Philosophy of Judicial Praxis, Research on the Law of Judicature, Research on State Honor Legislation, Research on State Supervision Legislation, Research on Constitutional Law and Civil Education and so on.