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Civil and Commercial Law
Zhang Suhua
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Suhua Zhang, female, han nationality, was born in February 1976 in Yichang, Hubei province.She is a professor of civil and commercial law in the Law school of Wuhan University, a doctoral supervisor, and the executive vice chairman of the Civil Construction Committee of Wuhan University,member of Supervision Committee for Civil Construction of Hubei ,Deputy director of the Legislative Affairs Committee of Civil Construction of Hubei province.

Study experience: from 1994 to 2004, she studied in the Law School of Wuhan University and successively obtained the bachelor's degree in law, master's degree in civil and commercial law and doctor's degree . In 2012, she studied in San Francisco for one year as a visiting scholar.

Work experience:

2004-2006, lecturer in the department of civil and commercial law, Law School of Wuhan University;

2006-2012, associate professor of civil and commercial law, School of Law, Wuhan University;

2012-present, professor and doctoral supervisor of civil and commercial law, Wuhan University;

July 2014 -July 2015, served as Deputy Director of the People's Court of Wuchang.

Social Academic Part-time Job:Director of the Civil Law Research Association of China;Deputy Secretary General of the Civil Law Research Association of Hubei; Member of the Seven-Five popularizing-law Lecturer Group of Hubei Province; Evaluation expert of fine cases and outstanding judgement documents of High People's Court of Hubei; Editor of Law Reviews.

Academic Achievements:

 1. Recommendation of "General Provisions of Civil Law" ,Wuhan: Wuhan University Press, 2017.02;

2.         The relationship between claim right and creditor's right and the reconstruction of claim right system centering on the preservation and abolishment of general provisions of debt law. Beijing: China Social Science Press, 2012.06;3.

3.         Legal Issues of Network Banking Risk Supervision, Wuhan University Press, 2004;

4.         "Path Selection for Data Protection", Suhua Zhang, Academia, No. 7 of 2018;

5.          "On the Right of Re-negotiation in the Principle of Changing Situations", Tsinghua Law, No. 3, 2019;

6.         The Independent Compilation of the Guarantee System in the Civil Code, Jurist, No. 6 of 2019;

7.         "Several Basic Issues That Must Be Faced Forward in the Independent Compilation of Personality Rights Law", Suhua Zhang, Eastern Law, No. 2, 2018;

8.         "The Progress and Insufficiency of the Draft of the General Principles of Civil Law(third draft)" , Suhua Zhang, Eastern Law, No. 2, 2017;

9.         "The Plight and Response of Grassroots Courts in the Background of Judicial Reform", Suhua Zhang, the People's Court Newspaper, January 19, 2017, 005th edition;

10.     " Private Law Issues of Vitro Fertilization Embryos", Suhua Zhang, Hebei Law, No. 1, 2017;

11.     "Civil Code Codification and the Existence and Abolition of the General Law of Property Law", Suhua Zhang, Journal of Chinese Social Sciences, November 30, 2016, 005th Edition;

12.     "Several Basic Theoretical Issues Concerning the Existence and Abolition of the General Principles of Debt Law", Suhua Zhang, Law Review, No. 3, 2015.


1. Leader of major bidding projects of National Social Science Fund:Legislation of personal information protection in the context of big data transactions;

2. Project of the Ministry of Justice: Legal issues of data confirmation and data transaction;

3. Project of Law Research Association of China:Legal protection of farmers' land rights and interests under the background of urban-rural integration;

4. Futian court of Shenzhen : Reasonable allocation of judges' human resources under the background of post system reform.