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Civil and Commercial Law
Zhang Li’an
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Basic Information
Male, born in Wuhan in 1957, Changsha, Hunan province. As a teaching assistant in Wuhan University when graduated in 1985; as a lecturer in 1988; as an associate professor in 1993; as a professor in 2001. In 2002, be selected as doctoral supervisor. He got his master of law (1987) and doctor of law (2001) degree in German. Now, he is the director of teaching and research office of civil and commercial law of Wuhan University Law School and member of professor committee of the Law School.

Education Background
Bachelor of Arts, 1978-1982, Huazhong University of Science and Technology;
Master of Law, 1982-1985, Wuhan University Law School;
Master of Law, 1986-1987, Trier University;
Doctor of Law, 1994-2001, Trier University.

Research Areas
Contract Law, Property Law, Foreign and Comparative Civil and Commercial Law

Concurrent Academic
Director of Civil Law Institute of China Law Society, vice chairman of Commercial Law Institute of Hubei Law Society, member of Expert Consultative Committee of Hubei Higher People’s Court, member of Expert Consultative Committee of Wuhan Intermediate People’s Court.

Representative Papers
1. The 30 Years of Reform and Opening up: Chinese Rural Land Real Right System’s Historical Development. Journal of Wuhan University of Technology (social sciences edition). 2008(12).
2. On the Nature of Funds in Banking Account. Legal Forum. 2007(5).
3. Chinese Characteristic Socialism Land Real Right System’s Construction and Development. Hebei Law Science. 2008(10).

Representative Publications
1. Allgemeinen Geschaeftsbedingungen von Unternehmen der OeffentlichenHand. Der Andere Verlag Press. 2001.
2. Contemporary Civil Law (Chief editor). Wuhan Press. 1995.
3. Property Law (Chief editor). Hunan University Press. 2006.