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Civil and Commercial Law
Wu YIWen
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Wu Yiwen

associate professor

Basic Information

Wu Yiwen, born in 1982, Lengshuijiang, Hunan province, is currently Associate Professor and Master’s Supervisor at Law School of Wuhan University, and Luojia Young Scholar of Wuhan University. He has been working at Civil and Commercial Law Teaching and Research Section of Law School of Wuhan University since 2011. Serving as a visiting scholar, he conducted research in Law School of Hong Kong University in 2014 and was promoted to be an associate professor and elected as a master’s supervisor in the same year.

Education Background

Bachelor of Law, Sept. 2001-June 2005, Law School of Hunan University;

Master of Law, Sept. 2006-June 2008, Law School of Wuhan University;

Doctor of Law, Sept. 2008-June 2011, Law School of Wuhan University;

Post-doctor of Applied Economics, Sept. 2011-Sept. 2013, Economics and Management School of Wuhan University.

Research Areas

Commercial Law, Insurance Law, Financial Law

Professional Memberships

Member of China Commercial Law Society

Member of China Institute of Insurance Law

Member of Civil Law Research Association of Law Society of Hubei Province

Member of Commercial Law Research Association of Law Society of Hubei Province

Researcher of Risk Management Research Center of Wuhan University.

Representative Papers

1. Rules System on the Determination of Causation in Insurance Law. Chinese Journal of Law. 2017 (06).

2. The Reasonable Allocation of Restrictive Rules for the Disposition of Rural Land Contracting Management Right. China Rural Survey. 2017 (06).

3. Systematic Integration of the Agency System in the Codification of Civil Code. Zhejiang Social Sciences. 2016 (10). (full text reprinted by Chinese Social Science Digest 2017 (03))

4. On the Private Law Effect of Claim Fraud in Insurance Contracts. Insurance Studies. 2016 (07). (full text reprinted by Duplicated Materials of People's University: Finance & Insurance 2016 (12))

5. Recovery Priority of Insurer’s Subrogation and Insured’s Claim. Journal of Comparative Law. 2014 (06).

6. Solutions to Predicaments of Subrogation in China Insurance Law. Political Science and Law. 2013 (12).

7. Category Analysis and Legal Regulation of the Prejudice Action to Subrogation in “Insurance Law”. Insurance Studies. 2013 (10). (full text reprinted by Duplicated Materials of People’s University: Finance & Insurance 2014 (02))

8. Defense Duty of the Liability Insurers. Studies in Law and Business. 2013 (04).

9. Category Analysis of Liable Third Party in Insurer's Subrogation. Law Review. 2013 (03).

10. The Non-defining Interpretation of Insurance Subrogation: Connotation, Distinction and Constitution. Journal of the East China University of Political Science and Law. 2013 (02).

11. The Application of Subrogation in Reinsurance. Insurance Studies. 2012 (05).

12. Research on Life Insurance of Minors. Global Law Review. 2011 (06).

Representative Publications

1. Monograph: Research on the System Structure of Insurance Subrogation, Law Press, 2013;

2. Associate editor: Insurance Law, Law Press, 2016. 3rd ed.;

3. Co-editor: Principles of Insurance, China Financial Publishing House, 2016;

4. Co-editor: 2017 China National Judicial Examination Official Guide (Volume Ⅲ), Law Press, 2016.

Research Projects

1. Research on the Legal Regulation of Information Asymmetry in Insurance Transaction(Project of Humanities and Social Sciences Youth Fund of Ministry of Education in 2014).

2. Research on the Perfection of Legal System of Insurance Supervision in the Post Financial Crisis Era.(Project of Research on Rule of Law and Law Theory of Ministry of Justice in 2012)

3. Research on the Legal Matter of Insurance in International Construction Project. (Project of China Law Society in 2017)

4. Research on the Development of Long-term Care Insurance System in China. (Project of China Insurance Regulatory Commission in 2017)

5. Research on the Legal System of Insurance Supervision. (Project of the 52th China Postdoctoral Science Fund)

6. Research on the Practice Teaching of Commercial Law Case under the Guidance of Cultivating Application and Innovation Ability. (Project of High Education Provincial Teaching Research of Hubei Province in 2014)


1. Second Prize for the Fourteenth Humanities and Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement Award of Wuhan University (2017);

2. Luojia Young Scholars for “351 Talents Project” of Wuhan University (2015);

3. Second Prize for the Sixth Wuhan University Young Teachers Teaching Contest (2012);

4. The Fifth TongRou Outstanding Doctoral Thesis of Civil and Commercial Law Award (2012);

5. Third Prize for Excellent Paper of Annual Meeting of China Institute of Insurance Law (2012).