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Civil and Commercial Law
Meng Qinguo
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Basic Information  
Male, Han nationality, born in 1957, Shaoxing in Zhejiang Province. Doctor of Law, senior visiting scholar to University of California, Berkeley. He was assigned to the Guangxi University Law School in 1985, used to be former director of law department, Dean of the Law School, secretary of the party committee in the Law School. Taught in Wuhan University Law School since 1995, was appointed to be doctoral supervisor in 1997. Currently he is a Professor in Wuhan University Law School, honorary dean of Guangxi University Law School, Professor, doctoral supervisor, China’s famous scholar specialized in Property Law.
Education Background

Bachelor in Law, 1978-1982, Southwest University of Political Science and Law;
Master in Civil and Commercial Law, 1982-1985, Wuhan University Law School;
Ph.D. in Civil and Commercial Law, 2000, Wuhan University Law School.

Research Areas
Property Law; Civil Legislation and the Justice; State-owned Enterprise Reform.

Concurrent Academic
The council member of China Law Society; the vice chairman of the China Consumer Protection Law Studies, the executive director of Chinese Civil Society, the committee member of Ministry of Education legal subject teaching guidance committee

Representative Papers
1. The Civil Legislation in the Period of Economic Reform. Social Sciences in China. 1988(06);  
2. The Historical Development of Possession Concept and the Tenure System in China. Social Sciences in China. 1993(04);  
3. The Burden System of the Object and Its Reference Value in Common Law. Global Law Review. 2009(10).

Representative Publications
1. Property dual structure theory (third edition). People’s Court Press. 2008;  
2. A Study of the Problem of Rural Land Circulation in China. Law Press China.2009;  
3. The Question of China Property Law. People’s Court Press. 2007.

1. The first session in Guangxi outstanding jurist, special government allowances of the state council (1992), was elected to the first cross-century universities’ talents in Guangxi in 1993, was named Guangxi provincial outstanding teachers in 1995, Guangxi provincial excellent experts in 1996, national outstanding teachers and was identified as the Guangxi thousands of talents engineering second level candidates in1998, the municipal advance workers in 2000. Achieving honor of the National Labor Medal in 2003 and was elected to be representative on the 14th National People’s Congress. National Teaching Masters (second session) in 2006, Grand Prize for Baosteel Education Award outstanding teacher in 2008.
2. Property Dual Structure Theory won the National first session outstanding law book award (2005); Provincial Social Science Excellence Research Award (2003-2004).

3. The Status and Role of Private Code in E-commerce won the Second Prize for provincial Social Science Research (1999-2002).