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Civil and Commercial Law
Li ChenLiang
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Associate Professor


Personal information

Male, born in 1978, from Ezhou, Hubei.Associate Professor of Wuhan University, graduate student teacher awarded with “Young Scholars of LuoJia” (2014), Assistant Dean of the School of Law.


Education background

Doctor of Law, School of Law, University of Munich, Germany (2004-2007)

Master of Civil and Commercial LawWuhan University School of Law (2000-2003)

Bachelor of Law, Department of Politics and Law, Wuhan University of Hydraulic and Electric Engineering (1996-2000)


Research areas

Civil Law, Intellectual Property Law, Tort Liability Law, Damage Compensation Law


Representative papers

1.The Nature of Compensation for Restoration of Fees, Journal of Wuhan University (Philosophy and Social Sciences), No. 4, 2019

2.Boundaries of Personal Information Protection: The Case of Online Evaluation Platforms , Journal of Wuhan University (Philosophy and Social Sciences), No. 3, 2016, Renmin University of China, Newspaper and Information Center, Copying Newspapers and Periodicals, "Civil and Commercial Law", 2016 The sixth issue of the full text reproduced

3.Indemnity Compensation in the Illegal Distribution Chain, Law Research, No. 1, 2014

4.Judgement Standards for Illegal Acts of Tort, Law Review, No. 2, 2011, Renmin University of China Book and Report Center, copying newspapers and periodicals, "Civil and Commercial Law", No. 6, 2011

5.Illegal Elements of Tort Liability and Its Types--Based on the Rise and Evolution of the General Provisions of Faulty Tort Liability, Tsinghua Law, No. 5, 2010

6.Eco—injury:From the Perspective of Law of Torts , Modern Law, No. 1, 2010

7.Damages and Civil Liability, Law Research, No. 3, 2009


Representative works

German Law Education and Judicial Examination Law, People's Publishing House, 2011

"Die Zahlung der fiktiven Herstellungskosten – Insbesondere zur Abrechnung der Substanzschäden an Kraftfahrzeen (Responsibility for the restoration of the original cost - centered on claims for car damage), Herbert Utz, 2007, 2007


Representative scientific research projects (Project leader)

Annual Project supported by National Social Science Fund in 2017“Research on the Construction of Quantitative Index System for In tellectual Property Statutory Compensation”

Humanities and Social Sciences Research General Project organized by The Ministry of Education in 2011 Empirical Research on Intellectual Property Infringement Compensation Standards"


Representative awards

The third Prize of the 2nd Dong Biwu Youth Law Achievement Award

The third Prize of the 3rd China Law Education Research Achievement Award