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Economic Law
Ning Lizhi
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Basic Information
Male, born in November 1964, Macheng in Hubei province, enrolled into Wuhan University Law School in 1981, achieved a master’s degree in 1988 and afterwards served as assistant, lecturer, associate professor, professor successively. During his employment, he furthered his education and did research in civil and commercial law, received a doctor of law degree in 2005. Obtain a doctoral supervisor in 2007. The current deputy director of the Institute of Economic Law in Wuhan University, deputy director of the Intellectual Property Advanced Research Center in Wuhan University, the director of Institute of Intellectual Property Law Institute in Wuhan University, the founder of doctor station of Department of Economic Law in Wuhan University, the leading scholar of intellectual property and competition law.

Education Background
Bachelor in Law, 1981-1985, Wuhan University Department of Law;
Master in Civil Law, 1985-1988, Wuhan University Law School;
Ph.D. in Civil and Commercial Law, 1999-2005, Wuhan University Law School.

Research Areas
Economic Law, Competition Law, Intellectual Property Law.

Concurrent Academic
The vice chairman of Institute of Wuhan Civil and Commercial Law Studies, vice president of the Institute of Hubei Provincial Economic Law Studies, the first Secretary-General of Institute of Hubei Provincial Economic Law Studies, the member of a council of Chinese Society for the Study of Economic Law, the standing director of University Intellectual Property Research Association of China, the experts of National Intellectual Property Strategy Talents Brainstorm Base.

Representative Papers
1. The Antitrust Analysis of No-challenge Clause. Chinese Journal of Law. 2007(06).
2. Anti-trust Regulation of Patent Pool: The U. S. Case Law. Global Law Review. 2006(04).
3. Jurisprudential Considerations on the Restriction of Intellectual Property Rights. Chinese Legal Science (English). 2005.

4. The Dispute on Boundary of Patent Contributory Infringement System. Law Review. 2010(05).

5. The Korean Fair Trade Act in the Exercise of Patent Misuse and Its Implications. Studies in Law and Business. 2010(05).

Representative Publications
Intellectual Property Law, Wuhan University Press, 2006.

Outstanding Teaching Award winner in Wuhan University;
Undergraduate Teaching Quality Excellence Award;
Award for outstanding young teachers teaching competition;
Hubei Province outstanding master’s degree thesis advisor award;
Chinese University Press Association Outstanding Teaching Material Prize.