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Economic Law
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Associate Professor




2006—2010    LL.B & Bachelor of Economics                        Wuhan University

2010—2015    Ph.D. of Laws                                      Wuhan University

2014—2015    Joint Ph.D. of Laws                                      UC Berkeley

2016—2018    Lecturer of Law School & Postdoctoral in Sociology        Wuhan University

2019—        Associate Professor                                Law School of WHU




Financial Law, Corporate Law, Cyber Law




Financial Justice, Inclusive Finance, Securities Supervision, Financial Technology, ,Merger and Acquisition, Cyberspace Governance




Deputy Director, Institute of Cyberspace Governance, Wuhan University

Secretary-General, Center for Capital Market and Law, Wuhan University





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5.       Challenges and Responses to Commercial Law in the Context of Codification of the Civil Code, Hubei People's Publishing House, 2018 edition (Deputy Editor)



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Research Projects:


1.       Critical Research Project of China Securities Industry Association in 2015 -- Construction of an Internet Integrated Financial Management Platform in the Securities Industry and its Related Business Practices and Legal Issues Research.

2.       China Postdoctoral Science Funding Project (First Class) -- Research on the Legal Safeguard Mechanism for Financial Development to Benefit People's livelihood

3.       Critical Research Project of China Securities Industry Association in 2016 – Research on the Business Innovation and System Guarantee in Cooperation of Securities and Insurances.

4.       China Postdoctoral Science Foundation Special Funding Project -- Innovation in the Legal System of Green Finance

5.       Youth Fund Project of the Humanities and Social Sciences Research Project of the Ministry of Education -- Research on Regulatory Countermeasures for Fintech Applications in the View of Risk Prevention (Project Approval No. 18YJC820083)




1.       Wuhan University Graduate "Academic Innovation Award"( first prize in 2012);

2.       The Third "Shanghai Rule of Law Forum" Outstanding Paper (third prize in 2012);

3.       Academic Newcomer Award for Doctoral Students of the Ministry of Education (2012);.

4.       National Scholarships (2012, 2013);

5.       Wuhan University Graduate "Academic Innovation Award" (third prize in 2013);

6.       The First National Science and Technology Finance Essay Contest (second prize in 2013); 7.

7.       Annual Meeting of the China Securities Law Research Association (first prize in 2014);

8.       Wuhan University Graduate Students "Top Ten Academic Stars" (2014);

9.       Wuhan University Graduate Students "Academic Innovation Award" (second prize in 2014)

10.   Outstanding Achievement in Philosophy and Social Sciences, Hubei Province (first prize in 2016).

11.   The Outstanding Guidance Teacher of Summer Social Practice, Wuhan University Law School. (2017)

12.   The Outstanding Paper of the SSE Rule of Law Forum. (second prize in 2017)