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International Economic Law
Nie JianQiang
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Mr. Jianqiang Nie is Professor of Law at Wuhan University School of Law and Deputy Director at the Institute of International Law, Wuhan University, China. He was an honorary senior fellow of the Melbourne Law School and taught the subject of Trade and Investment Law in China for 2016 Melbourne Law Masters. He was a visiting professor at Sapienza University of Rome, Italy for the period of March 15 to April 14, 2017.

Professor Nie received his Doctor Iuris (summa cum laude) at the University of Berne, Switzerland; Postgraduate Diploma in Common Law at University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong and LL. B at Suzhou University, China. He worked as a research fellow at the World Trade Institute, Bern, Switzerland; Swiss Institute of Comparative Law, Lausanne, Switzerland and the Law School of Columbia University, New York, USA. He teaches international intellectual property law and international trade law. His research activities mainly relate to the law of intellectual property and the law of WTO. He published a book The Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in China (Cameron May in London in November 2006 and reprinted April 2007) and numerous English articles such as “The Relationship between the TRIPs Agreement and the Convention for Biological Diversity (CBD): Intellectual Property and Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge and Folk Protection from a Chinese Perspective” (in China’s Influence on Non-Trade Concerns in International Economic Law, Paolo Farah (edited), Routledge Taylor & Francis Group, October 2016), “The Chapter on China and International IP System” (both English and Chinese versions) (in the Repoft on Chinese Contribution to International Rule of Law, ZENG Lingliang (edited), China Social Science Academic Press, June 2016), “Towards China’s Greater Influence on the World Finances: A Legal Analysis of Chinese Direct Overseas Investment” (in the Expansion of Trade and FDI in Asia: Strategic and Policy challenges, Julien Chaisse and Philippe Gugler (edited), Routledge, May 2009), “Towards a Harmonious World: Chinese Historical Conceptions of World Order” (in China Yearbook of Private International Law and Comparative Law, 2007), “Several New Issues Relating to the Enforcement of the Enforcement Provisions of the TRIPS Agreement under the WTO Dispute Settlement System” (in Wuhan University International Law Review, Vol. 5, 2007).

Professor Nie has been approved of various research grants by China National Social Science Foundation, Ministry of Education of China, State Intellectual Property Office and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China and was awarded teaching grants and fellowships by Ministry of Education of China.

Professor Nie was a practising lawyer at Jiangsu Soochow Law Firm, Suzhou China. He participated in negotiating or drafting agreements on the establishment of Sino-foreign joint ventures and represented clients in various civil dispute cases.