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Wuhan University Law Review
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After resumption of legal education in the Law School, all the faculty devoted themselves into the legal education with great enthusiasm, setting up the internal journal Legal Research Data which renamed Law Review autographed by Peng Zhen afterwards approved by the Ministry of Culture in 1983.The Law Review, sponsored by the University of Wuhan, is in charge of the Ministry of Education, which positioned as the theoretical journal of law and one of CSSCI.

At the initial stage of the development of journal, the Law Review was edited and published by Professor Han Depei and Professor Ma Kechang. The chief editor was taken by Ma Kechang in 1986, Huang Jin since 1993.The journal was ever divided into several sections as follow EU Law Forum, Comment﹠Monograph﹠Debate, Legislative Discussion, Law Essays, Foreign Legal System, WTO Law Column, Legal History Research, etc. And now the pattern was changed, Comment﹠Monograph﹠Debate, International Law Forum, Sustainable Development and Environmental Legislation, Legislative Research, Legal Practice, Legal History Field, Law Essays are included. Since the establishment of the Law Review, it focused on the research and solution for the issues on significant theory and practical problem in the Reform and Opening Up. For example, the journal set up a column titled Corporate Legal Issues in 1985 which is aiming at discuss and resolve the concerned legal problem of enterprise reform. For the further understanding of hard issues on reform practice, it also added a section for intensive discussion named Legal Problem on Reform and Opening Up. In 1985, the editorial department of Law Review and the Wuhan Institute of Social Sciences jointly launched the symposium themed Restructuring the Economic System and Economic Law. It made eight legislative proposals focusing on the new situation and new problem in which economic system reform practice especially in the key topic of urban reform. The editorial department of Law Review hosted a symposium themed Enhance the Vitality of Enterprises Legal Security approved by State Education Commission in September 1986. It is the first symposium to ensure vitality of enterprises by the law in the field of law of our country, creating a new pattern for all works of life and subjects jointly research and solve theoretical and practical problems. In May 1992, the Law Review, with other journals such as China Legal Science and Chinese Journal of Law, co-sponsored the China Law Journal editor networking forum attended by editor (or associate editor) from 14 National Law Journals, achieving the goal of further clarify the direction of the journal so that the law journals better serve the society and legal research. The Law Review set up WTO Law Column timely after China joined the WTO, set up Sustainable Development and Environmental Legislation under circumstance of China's environmental problems and construction tasks have become increasingly prominent.
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